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About Wesco Industrial Products

SRV_8366Wesco Industrial Products, LLC. was founded in 1948 in Philadelphia, PA. Starting with the design and manufacture of steel hand trucks and then expanding into drum handling equipment, the company has built a solid reputation for dependable, well-made products. We still make many of those early products today, plus a full line of vending and appliance trucks, platform trucks, stackers, pedalifts and lift tables. Wesco also designs and manufactures custom material handling equipment to address specific customer needs.

Our product line has grown steadily over the years and we have supplemented our full lines of hand trucks, drum trucks and pallet jacks with an assortment of industrial material handling products such as plastic box carts, U-boats, service carts, wood dollies, shelf carts, machinery movers and scissor lifts. In 2007, Wesco acquired Lexco Engineering and Manufacturing Co., which specializes in custom designed lift tables serving the tool and die market.

Wesco has grown to become a leading worldwide supplier of quality material handling products.


  • Drum Handling Equipment
    • Drum Trucks – Steel & Aluminum, Pail Truck, Pail Tipper
    • Drum Dollies – Steel, Aluminum, Polypropylene
    • Stainless Steel Drum Dollies
    • Drum Trucks, Carriers, Dispensers
    • Custom Drum Handling Equipment
Drum Handling Equipment
  • Hand Trucks
    • 100 Series Industrial Duty Steel Hand Trucks
    • Convertible Steel Hand Trucks
    • Aluminum Cobra-Lite Hand Trucks, Options, Components, Handles
    • Aluminum Cobra-Lite Design it Yourself
    • Power LiftKar HD Stairclimbing Trucks
    • Power LiftKar SAL Stairclimbing Trucks
    • Stairking Stair Climbing Trucks
    • Vending & Appliance Trucks, Steel & Aluminum, Standard & Heavy Duty
    • Custom Hand Trucks
Hand Trucks
  • Lift Equipment
    • Pallet Trucks Manual & Powered, Pallet Jack Chock, Backrest Guards
    • Triple Truck, Aluminum Pedalifts
    • Platform Stackers, Thrifty Stackers, Drum & 1,000 lb Winch Stackers
    • Fork Stackers
    • Manual & Electric Value Lifts, Office Lifts, Mini Winch Stacker
    • Counter-Balance Powered Stackers
    • 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 lb Capacity Powered Stackers – Platform, Fork, Fixed & Adjustable Base Legs, Telescoping Fork Stackers
    • Wesco® Lift Tables, Capacities from 200 to 6000 lb Manual and Powered Lift
    • Lexco® Hydraulic Lift Tables & Die Handlers
    • Scissors Lift Tables & Die Lift Table
    • Custom Lift Equipment
Lift Equipment
  • Platform Trucks, Carts, and Dollies
    • Platform Trucks – Aluminum, Steel Grid, Steel, Narrow Aisle Shelf Cart, Power Drive Platform Truck
    • Plastic & Steel Service Carts
    • Plastic Box Trucks
    • Tilt Carts
    • Custom Platform Trucks, Carts, and Dollies
Platform Trucks
  • Dock and Shipping Equipment, Wire Shelving, and Wheels
    • Dock Lights / Strapping Truck and Tools
    • Strip Doors
    • NSF Approved Wire Shelving & Accessories
Dock and Shipping
  • Lift Tables & Die Handlers
    • Wesco® Lift Tables, Capacities from 200 to 6000 lb Manual and Powered Lift
    • Lexco® Hydraulic Lift Tables & Die Handlers
    • Custom Lift Tables
Lift Tables


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