Drum Handling

ProductDescriptionPart #
15 BTCDrum Truck240121
20 BTDrum Truck240003
30 BTWDrum Truck240006
40 BTDrum Truck240081
50 BTDrum Truck240083
156 DHDrum/Hand Truck210349
DJ-55Drum Grab240048
PolyjawsDrum Grab240148
OHDL-3Open Head Drum Lifter240038
UDLUniversal Drum Lifter240062
DM-1100Basic Drum Handler240150
DM-1100-HRHigh Reach Drum Handler240154
DM-1100-PLPowered Lift Drum Handler240156
DM-1100-PLDPowered Lift and Drive Drum Handler240157
KD Knock DownKnock Down Drum Truck240016
4WDC-2C4 Wheel Drum Cart210353
EGG-1Gator Grip Single Drum Grab240091
EGG-2Gator Grip Double Drum Grab240092

Hand Trucks

ProductDescriptionPart #
156 DHDrum/Hand Truck210349
Mini MoverFolding Truck220646
SuperliteFolding Truck220617
Maxi MoverFolding Truck220649
Mega MoverFolding Truck220650
Cobra Jr.Convertible Truck220291
Cobra Sr.Convertible Truck220290
Cobra Pro Jr.Power Convertible Truck220653
Cobra Pro Sr.Power Convertible Truck220656
Spartan Jr.Convertible Truck220000
Spartan Sr.Convertible Truck220001
TM4W-HBHD Warehouse Truck210060
3-in-1Convertible Steel Handtruck210219

Vending and Appliance Trucks

ProductDescriptionPart #
Lift Kar HDStairclimbing Truck 274100
Lift Kar SALStairclimbing Truck 274141
StairKingStairclimbing Truck 230051
WRCSteel Appliance Truck 230010
WRVSteel Vending Machine Truck 230018
HD VendingHeavy Duty Vending Truck 230074
HD ApplianceHeavy Duty Appliance Truck 230077

Pedalifts and Stackers

ProductDescriptionPart #
1500/2000 lb. Powered Stackers261079
2 Wheel Pedalifts260002
4 Wheel Pedalifts260010
ESPL-60-2424 StackerHydraulic Jack Platform Stacker260044
Lite-LiftWinch Platform Stacker260152
Deluxe Winch LiftLight Duty Lift274520
PESPL-80-2424 StackerPowered Platform Stacker261024
Powered Counter Balance Stacker261039
Triple TruckDrum, Fork or Platform Stacker261161
Value Lift272941

Pallet Trucks

ProductDescriptionPart #
4-Way4000 lb capacity273400
Adjustable Fork5500 lb capacity272744
CP II HD6600 lb capacity272670
Foot Pump5500 lb capacity272766
Long Fork – 70″4400 lb capacity272701
Long Fork – 78″4400 lb capacity273519
Scale5000 lb capacity272936
Transroller5000 lb / lateral 2200 lb capacity272740
Powered Pallet TruckLight Duty – 3300 lb capacity273445
Powered Pallet TruckHeavy Duty – 4400 lb capacity273446
Quick Lift Pallet Truck5500 lb capacity/ 300 lb with Quick Lift272861
Pallet Jack Stop272949

Platform Trucks

ProductPart #
Deluxe Platform Truck – 440 lb.272019
Deluxe Platform Truck – 660 lb. 5″ wheel272035
Deluxe Platfrom Truck – 660 lb. 8″ wheel272235
Telescoping Handle Platform Truck – 440 lb.272262
Telecoping Handle Platform Truck – 660 lb.272263

Misc. Material Handling

ProductPart #
Battery Transfer Cart274260
Liquid Cylinder Cart240250
Liquid Cylinder Cart w/brake240251
Powered Liquid Cylinder Cart 210131-PD210131-PD
Hydraulic Cylinder Lift260161
Desk Mover272156
Electric Office Lift272468
Pallet Leveler272986
Rais-N-Rol Machinery Mover260088
Wesco Lift Table260063
Lexco Lift Table492242
Powered Stacker w/ Power Drive and Side-Roller OptionCustom
Powered Stacker w/ Power Drive and Push-Pull OptionCustom
Maintenance Platform272571
Lexco Mobilizer LMTCustom
Powered Scissor Lift Table – 660 lb273710
Powered Scissor Lift Table – 1100 lb273711
Powered Scissor Lift Table – 1650 lb273112
Powered Double Scissor Lift Table – 770 lb273713
General Products Video featuring the following products:

1500/2000 lb. Powered Stacker261079
Powered Counter Balance Stkr.261039
Gator Grip Stacker Mount240103
Gator Grip Fork Lift Single240091
Gator Grip Fork Lift Dual240092
Powered Lift Table261100