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Boosting Workplace Safety with Ergonomic Drum Handlers

Most warehouse veterans have a few stories of what happens when low-quality drum handlers fail to move materials. The goal for any warehouse is to avoid those injury-laden tales by using equipment that won’t fail their teams. Mishandling heavy drums can lead to a variety of problems like back strain, crushed feet, punctured drums, or losing control of the drum barrel (aka rollaway drum). Finding the right ergonomic drum handler that fits a company’s needs can improve warehouse safety and performance. Here are a few reasons companies should invest in effective drum handlers like the WESCO DM-1100. 


Drum Handlers Keep Teams Safe

Safety is the key operating principle for most warehouses, including employee and product safety. Lifting and other weight-bearing work play a large role in warehouse injuries. Musculoskeletal injuries develop because employees strain their muscles while moving heavy loads repeatedly. Ergonomic drum handlers maintain musculoskeletal health for employees by eliminating lifting altogether. They can also prevent more extreme injuries like a drum falling off and crushing someone’s foot or hand. This is accomplished by top-quality locking mechanisms, like the Gator Grip. 


Improved Safety Saves Warehouses Downtime and Cost

Ergonomic drum handlers save workers from injury and in doing so save the companies from exorbitant costs. The average cost of a workplace injury ranges from $45,000 – $58,000 depending on the injury type. Overuse of certain joints and tendons continues to plague individuals within any industry that heavily relies on warehouses to keep products and merchandise flowing through it. Employees can quickly become fatigued or use improper lifting techniques which can increase their risks of larger injuries. Easing risk and improving safety for employees is a must for all businesses that prioritize worker safety and reducing injury costs. 


Quality Drum Handlers Meet Increased Demands

In material handling, workers constantly have to lift incredibly heavy loads. Ergonomics matter in keeping workers safe while moving products. Warehouse employees are becoming more diverse, and ergonomics is critical in ensuring that all people can be successful in material handling operations. Therefore, the need for accessibility and accommodating equipment is in demand to include employees of all backgrounds. To make it simple, better tools mean happier, healthier employees and happier employees mean a more efficient warehouse. 


Ergonomic tools – especially those that help haul large and heavy equipment like drums – are the backbone of warehouse operations. They keep products moving smoothly and efficiently. To learn more about the drum handler options available for warehouses, visit our website.



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