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How the Right Tools Unlock Warehouse Efficiency During Holiday Chaos

The holiday shopping season is here and it is putting pressure on warehouses across the country. Pre-Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday sales, and regular Christmas shopping continue to rise. In 2021, 88 million buyers shopped on Black Friday, with both in-store and online traffic increasing 19% (source).

Despite inflation, seasonal purchasing trends are still expected to reach record numbers. Consumers continue to crave faster shipping fulfilments, which means warehouses have additional pressures to keep up with the demands throughout the supply chain. With the right tools, warehouses can thrive amidst the holiday chaos and keep teams safe in the process. Here’s what to look for in warehouse equipment that can handle the holiday season:

Exceptional handling
Warehouse tools should be able to navigate narrow aisles and packed shelves without damaging products. Tools like Wesco’s selection of fork and platform stackers offer a variety of solutions to fit your warehouse. An array of lifting heights allow pickers or their products to reach a desired shelf or platform level. Furthermore, models offer adjustable straddle legs to handle most standard pallets. A great feature of the optional power drive system is the 180-degree hinged design which allows for precision steering in confined spaces.

Efficient design
Increased productivity during the holiday season means that warehouse teams are at higher risk of strain and injuries connected to bodily overuse and repetitive motions. The right tools should reduce these stresses with easy-to-use controls that mitigate the risk of injury. They should also reduce strains of heavy loads, allowing teams to get more done without getting hurt. Wesco’s Platform Stacker Power Lift is a great example of doing just that. The Power Drive option comes equipped with finger-tip controls built into the steering handle. Capacity range is also notable with models ranging between 1000 and 2000 Lbs.

Emphasis on warehouse safety
Protecting your seasoned veteran and your rookie new hire while maintaining efficiency is important. Wesco focuses on safety throughout our solutions. Models of the Powered stacker come with push button controls eliminating the repetitive motion of a pedal pump. Equipped with a floor lock (un)loading cargo is more secure. Stackers also reduce muscle strains caused by constant lowering and lifting of product. In case of an emergency, our Power Drive and Power Lift stackers option comes with a red emergency stop button for operators to control safety in a given scenario. Further, this option is equipped with an automatic emergency safety switch, located on the handle, that when engaged allows the unit to back away from the object it has come in contact with. This can save your warehouse from unnecessary damage.

Your warehouse doesn’t have to go through this holiday season with tools that can’t keep up with demand. Wesco offers a variety of tools that will keep teams safe and moving with ease, no matter the challenge. To learn more about our products, connect with a dealer in your area via our website live chat feature.


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