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How Wesco Boosts Your Warehouse’s Employee Retention

Within the realm of material handling, many organizations spent 2022 focused on employee retention strategies. Warehouse facilities granted bonuses, competitive pay, and other perks to keep employees satisfied. However, as much as money talks, it can lose its weight depending on the business atmosphere and work conditions. Wesco products offer businesses other incentives that payroll can’t provide. Here are three ways Wesco can assist employee retention in 2023.

Employee Wellness
According to research, happy employees work harder for their company than disgruntled ones. A great way to ensure happiness at your location is by using tools that make life easier. Wesco products take into consideration the style of labor that goes into handling all types of materials. We design products that carry the load, so your staff doesn’t have to. Drum handlers, stair climbers, powered convertible hand trucks, and lift tables can be a small investment in employee wellness. Reducing stains and physical labor is less expensive than the cost of employee turnover and injury.

Safer Workplace & Atmosphere
Facilities can also increase retention with a comfortable and safe work environment. Safety (or the lack of it) in a warehouse can influence the workers’ job satisfaction. If proper conditions are not supported, workers can feel as though their employer does not respect them. This, in turn, can negatively impact the atmosphere of the facility. Wesco’s line of safety-focused products and features can assist. For example, Wesco’s Power Drive Stacker, keeps employees out of harm’s way, while lifting material to the proper level. It also features an automatic safety stop, where the unit shuts down when the safety stop control button encounters an obstacle. Material handling equipment should convey a safe atmosphere to your employees, and Wesco’s tools can offer that.

Enhance Employee / Employer Relationship
When looking into ergonomic solutions to increase warehouse safety and wellness, communication must be initiated. Management should engage with their team to understand the risks and challenges their employees face during their workday. Creating open dialog is the first step in designing and managing a successful employee retention strategy. The expert sales team at Wesco can assist in finding you the right warehouse solutions to minimize the risk of injury.

Wesco is here to assist you and your facility in prioritizing the health and wellness of your staff. When closing out your fiscal year, consider the ways you can create a workplace that keeps your team safe and happy. Contact us to discuss retention benefits and/or receive a free warehouse equipment checklist to kick-start your new year.


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