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The Right Tool For the Job

Having the right tool for the job affects more than just the task at hand. The appropriate tool drives up efficiency, reduces the risk of onsite injury, and makes a task much more enjoyable for warehouse workers, which can result in higher retention rates. 

Some of the consequences of not having the correct tools in a warehouse can include:

Reduced physical and mental stress contributes to higher job satisfaction. When employees feel that their employer is invested in their success and provides them with the right tools for the job, they are more likely to feel valued and motivated. 

The Wesco Lift Tables are designed specifically to transport loads starting at waist height, and can lift higher,” says Regional Sales Manager Bill Munion. This adjustable work height surface is a key factor in protecting employees’ safety and reducing unnecessary strain on their bodies, which can lead to Repetitive Lifting Fatigue. The Wesco Lift Tables are mobile, so it can meet a variety of needs all over the warehouse.

Repetitive Lifting Fatigue

Warehouse workers who perform repetitive heavy lifting can suffer from repetitive lifting fatigue––a condition similar to the fatigue observed in athletes. Repetitive lifting fatigue results in a temporary decrease in muscular performance for a period of time following physical exertion. 

There’s a reason why hard work is often colloquially described as “backbreaking”: an NIH study concluded that “repetitive lifting induces measurable fatigue in the erector spinae muscles.” While the pain doesn’t actually stem from a broken back, sore, cramping, or overly tight erector spinae muscles will generally result in back pain.

Drinking plenty of water, stretching, and getting a good night’s sleep are all wonderful measures an individual can do to reduce the symptoms of Repetitive Lifting Fatigue. But prevention really begins with ergonomics––and we take ergonomics seriously.

Ergonomics reduce the risk of injury and improve productivity by:

Wesco has hundreds of tools designed with ergonomics in mind, making it easy for you to stock your warehouse with the safest products on the market.

The Wesco Scissor Lift table raises to the height of your workstation, eliminating the need for repetitive lifting. “Mobile Scissor Lift tables were specifically designed to transport loads at a safe lowered height that can be raised at a destination,” says Regional Sales Manager Bill Munion. “Loads can be raised for either work positioning or raised to either waist- or chest-height to load or unload onto a storage rack or press. Mobile Scissor Lift tables are an excellent solution for improving productivity while providing increased workspace.” 

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