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Unpacking the Importance of Employee Health in 2024

The phrase “New Year, New You” gets thrown around a lot at the end of the year as you look forward to the year ahead. Many of your team members are likely to focus on improving their health. Here at Wesco, we are challenging the material handling industry to set a resolution to improve their employees’ well-being by carefully considering their work environment. Focusing on ergonomics and improving the staff’s well-being can be done by following these three easy steps. 

Step 1: Observe and recognize current practices 

Material handling is a streamlined process for many warehouses. The use of an assembly line or flow of production causes employees to move in repetitive motions. Over time, these motions can cause injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments and even bones. Repetitive motion (if done improperly or with too much weight) can also lead to faster fatigue — another step toward injury in warehouses.  It is vital for management to observe their employees and recognize possible pain points. This can be done by surveying the warehouse’s environment and taking note of high-risk activities.

Step 2: Set a plan for changes around employee health and safety 

Once data is collected, management can plan how to appropriately resolve points of strain. This includes reviewing products to assist in relieving repetitive motions, straining or overreaching. You should also consider the cost savings that add up over time when a safer environment leads to fewer worker compensation claims. The right safety and ergonomic equipment is far less expensive than an injury claim and lost productivity.

Step 3: Implement new, healthier adjustments  

Once observation and planning have been conducted, it’s time for warehouse management to act. Buying the right tools to alleviate employee pain points is as easy as contacting a Wesco sales associate! Our dedicated staff can outfit your team with ergonomic solutions such as lift tables, hand trucks, pallet jacks and much more. These simple swaps can help prevent bodily overuse and excessive strain.

With the Wesco advantage, warehouses can kick off their new year’s ergonomic resolution with a bang! View our breadth of products and contact us to determine which solutions are best for your warehouse and budget. 



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