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Wesco’s Line of Warehouse Equipment Offers Ergonomic Benefits to Employees

For any warehouse employer, ergonomic tools can play a key role in employee safety. Getting injured on the job is something no employee or employer wants to have happen. However, it’s a reality for hundreds of thousands of employees each year, and employers have to fill in labor gaps while employees take time to heal. According to the National Safety Council, overexertion remains a huge issue. While sprains, muscular tears, and strains have been dropping over the last decade, overexertion makes up 22% of all nonfatal injuries. Poor lifting, excessive pulling, or repetitive motion (even with good form) can compound issues and lead to more serious tears and strains. 

At Wesco, many of our products are designed with ergonomics and safety in mind. This means that everything from our drum handlers to lift tables will help your team work smarter and safer. Here are a few reasons why Wesco customers trust our products. 

Reduces risk of overextension or overuse

Moving materials is one of the biggest causes of overexertion in warehouses. Whether it’s carrying too heavy a load or overextending while reaching or carrying, seemingly small tasks, can quickly become injury-causing issues. Mechanical assistance from hoists, pulleys and lifts can help reduce the risk of injury, especially on those heavy or awkward items. Wesco’s lines are designed for optimal ergonomics, meaning your employees stay more comfortable and efficient while moving products around the warehouse. Our solutions are strong and safe.

Improves warehouse mobility

Without the right tools, getting warehouse materials from one side of the facility to another can be time consuming and dangerous. Wesco products give warehouses the assurance that materials stay safe while being transported from loading docks to other areas of the warehouse. Products also help reduce spills or breakages, thanks to thoughtful engineering and high-quality components. By being easy to maneuver, Wesco products also help reduce risk of injury while streamlining product mobility. 

Innovative solutions for unique warehouse needs

No two warehouse operations are alike. If there’s a specific need a business can’t find in the marketplace, they can partner with our team to create a solution that meets those needs. Custom designed products prioritize ergonomics and safety; businesses can rest assured knowing that their custom design is made with their employees’ wellbeing in mind. 

At Wesco, we’ve provided dependable warehouse solutions since 1948. We can help businesses figure out which products best serve their needs. If those products don’t exist on the market, we can help create a custom solution that improves operational efficiency while prioritizing ergonomics and safety. To learn more about how we can help solve your issues, give us a call at 800-445-5681.


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